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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Does it Work 3

I have been seeing friends posting about cleaning their car's headlights so I had to try it as well.  You know me when I try things I have to share it with my friends whether it works or not.  So now to todays experiment.
My van's headlights are really hazy.  I guess that is the right word.
See how bad they look.  A couple of weeks ago Greg Screws on Channel 19 did a deal or dud for some headlight cleaner.  He said it worked but only lasted about 9 months.  That is a work  in my book but his method cost $9.95.  Wait until you see my method.
Toothpaste!  This is a tube of toothpaste that I keep under the sink for other purposes too.  I bought it a while ago because it cleans and polishes silver.  I have a couple of serving pieces that I always have to polish before using.  Toothpaste is a lot cheaper.
I started by squirting some on the headlight.
Using paper towels or if you have an old soft cloth.  Work it around on the light.
Light is covered. Didn't even have to put much elbow grease to it either.
Then I got a wet paper towel and cleaned if off.
Kinda of sparkles compared to what it use to look like.
This is the clean other headlight.  Even if this only last a couple of months it is cheap enough and easy enough to do it multiple times.  If your headlights are coated and look like mine pick up a tube of cheap toothpaste and clean them today.

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