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Monday, November 3, 2014

We Have Walls! Part 7

This past week we got walls.  Things sure do look different now with the walls up.  We can't see through the walls any more.  But one thing is for sure we are crawling closer and closer to the finish line.  My magical finish line is a few days before Thanksgiving, or enough before Thanksgiving so I can have dinner here at my house. Now that we are actually in the month of November I am not sure if we will reach that goal.
Now on to the pictures.
We will start in the den, or at least the new part of the den.  That wall to the right, close your eyes and picture our Daniel Moore prints there.  Won't that be a great place for those. The wall in front is our audiovisual wall.
This is what it looked like before sheetrock.
Joe's new office/man cave.
The closet will be control central.  I don't know where all the cables went to.
The outside wall of the man cave.
A view of the den from the man cave door. 
The skylights have been framed in as well.
Now we are moving into the kitchen.  There was not a lot of sheetrock in here just a few patches. We are moving things around in the kitchen.  The refrigerator is where the pantry use to be and the double oven is where the fridge use to be.  Going to take a little getting use to.
This is going to be my new pantry.  It was a closet under the stairs we used for storage.
The arch from inside the kitchen.  There use to be a wall here.  We took the wall out and added the arch .
This is the only thing we did in the dinning room. The doorway has been closed in a little bit.
Because of the added corner of the wall where my bookcase will be.  This is the other side of the arch wall.
The doors, fireplace and windows on the new wall.
Inside the master bedroom.
This use to be the old entrance to our bedroom.
New windows for the bedroom.  Going to have a nice built-in around the windows.
Inside the new master closet.

Well I guess that is all for the new walls.  It is getting exciting.  Tomorrow they are going to sand the sheetrock.  I have been told that there will be lots of dust.  I thought we already had had lots of dust.  I guess the next thing up will be painting and hopefully the cabinets. 

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