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Monday, November 24, 2014

Almost Finished Part 9

A lot has happened around here since the last time I posted.  This could be the last update until the big reveal.  I must say here that yes we are having Thanksgiving dinner here this year.  Things might not be completely finished, but it is finished enough for lunch.  I am excited.  Also, this will be the last post for the week because I have a lot to do this week.  So I want to wish all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your turkey comes out golden and your mashed potatoes fluffy.

I am going to start out by showing you our new lights.  We replaced all the old brass lights with brushed nickel fixtures.  This is in the entrance hall.
The recessed lights in the new den.
Outside my utility closet.
Our new entry way from the garage.
My pantry.  It will have tons of light which is great for finding all those ingredients.
I have a ceiling fan with light in the kitchen. My old kitchen would get so hot if I was in there cooking for a while.  Not any more.
These are the two pendant lights over the angled bar.
These three pendant lights are over the sink.  There is plenty of light in the kitchen now.
The ceiling fan in our bedroom
We repurposed this light from our old breakfast nook in my closet.
Our new dining room light.
The upper cabinets are in.
The bookcases are in around the fireplace.  Trim still needs to go up.
Another light.  We replaced the porch lights.
And outside the garage.
We have a generator now.  It might come in handy if it is as bad a winter as they say it is going to be.
We now have gutters.
Most importantly the granite has gone in.  We have a nice raised bar.
My work area.
The backside of the cabinets.
The back cabinets.
We kept the desk area.  We put the granite on top and we are replacing the knobs.
Granite around the fireplace.
The huge ceiling fan is installed.  It is so quite and really moves some air.
My sink with new faucet.
It is very deep.
We had to buy a new ladder to be able to reach all those tall lights.
This was probably the best thing I bought in getting ready for the loss of my kitchen.  A portable ice maker.  This thing saved us having to go buy ice every day or every other day.
And our door is down leading to our cubbies.  That can only mean one thing, we are almost ready to move back out into the house.

Flooring is going to be laid today and they are putting my handles on the cabinets. Still a very busy place but the end is in sight.  I can't wait to show you everything when we move our stuff back in.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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