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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Well the sun is shining and looks so warm and inviting outside but guess what looks are deceiving.  So I decided to bring to tropics to me if I couldn't be in the tropics.  I threw together this little smoothie in no time.  Only thing missing was a little paper umbrella.  Maybe next time.
I have started keeping some different frozen fruit in the my freezer just for this reason.  Today it is tropical fruit.
I started with a heaping cup of pineapple, mangos and strawberries.
Put that in the blender.  To that I added a container of passion fruit Greek Yogurt.  I am becoming a fan of Greek yogurt especially when it is mixed with something else.
Added a cup of Passion fruit juice.  I love this stuff. Makes me think I am in Hawaii when I drink it.
I added a squirt of honey just to add a little sweetness.
Cover and pulse.
A little tropics in Alabama.  Try this at home with any fruit and juice combination you might like.  It is a real pick me up during the day.

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