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Friday, May 9, 2014

Crock Pot Philly Cheesesteaks

Who doesn't love a good cheesesteak?  In fact in Philly fights break out over who has the best in the city.  I will not go so far to say these are the best but they are the easiest and that was what I was going for when I made them.
Got to have the good peppers and onions.
I had read somewhere that if you need to thinly slice beef put it in the freezer for a few minutes first.  So that is what I did with this meat.  I put in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. You freeze your fingers trying to hold the beef but you can get some thin slices. Slice 1.5-2 lb round steak, thinly sliced.
Sprinkle the slices with some black pepper.
Then sprinkle some garlic salt on as well.
Then place the beef in the crock pot.  I chose to use the smaller crock pot.  Use whatever you have.
Add 32 oz low sodium beef broth.
Thinly slice an onion.  Use or two depending on how well you like onions.
Slice a bell pepper into strips.  I like the sweetness of the colored peppers.  Again use as much or as little as you like.
Add both to the crock pot.  I used some tongs to move and stir things around.  Cover and cook 5-7 hours.
When you are ready to eat, slice and toast some hoagie rolls.
Then pile on the meat and veggies.  Make sure you let the juice drains off or it could get soggy.
Top with cheese.  I used provolone, but you use whatever kind you like.  Place back in the oven to melt the cheese.
I got in such a hurry to try them I forgot to take a picture of the finished sandwich.

Crock Pot Philly Cheesesteaks Recipe

1.5 to 2 lb round steak
black pepper
garlic powder
1 onion sliced
1 bell pepper sliced
32 oz low sodium beef broth
hoagie rolls

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