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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Open House

Well I wanted to end the year with our Open House.  We had a little holiday open house last Saturday. There were times I thought we would not be finished with the house in time.  And we didn't have everything we would have liked done but it was close enough. We were working up until time hanging pictures and emptying boxes.  Now to take a break for a few days and enjoy things before it is time to take the tree down.
Last time I did not show the dining room.  I am not sure why I just didn't take any pictures.  Not a lot changed in here except it did get painted and we moved some furniture.  This is our buffet and it use to be on the other wall.
We put the china cabinet on the opposite wall this time.  I think it might take a little getting use to.  New curtains and light as well.
We have also hung pictures since the last time I shared with you.
My pretty poinsettia that I buy every year from Rainbow Omega.  They grow some of the prettiest flowers.
This carousel picture use to be over our sofa, now it is over our bed.   A local artist, Ann Taylor, created this print.  It is Cinderella's Carousel from Magic Kingdom.  She created several prints for Disney.
We have had several drawing made a Disney.  This one is mine, Tink.
This one is Joe's, May the Force be with you.  We need to get Olaf framed.
We have several other Disney prints in our room as well.
Our den now has our Bama prints.  Most are Daniel Moore from one time or another. We are waiting for the new National Championship one to go over the fireplace.
Local artist Daniel Hess.
Remember when I showed you that wall, I said it would be perfect for our prints and it is.
Some of my cross stitch pictures.
One of the last ones I finished.
Dining room print.
Now for the open house.  The food has been laid out.

Frosty was outside to greet the guest.
The lights are on.
Trees decorated.

And they they came.
We want to thank all our family and friends that came out Saturday to spend the afternoon with us.  Now on to 2015.

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  1. The house looks gorgeous. The decorations are beautiful and it looks like it was a wonderful time.