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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

I know the next few days are going to be very hectic for everyone with family and friends, gifts and food.  I want to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful 2015.  May the new year bring you lots of good food and friends and family to enjoy it with you.

I have had some requests to see the Christmas trees.  They are up, they went up much later than they usually do and I am not sure when I am going to want to take them down.  I will show you my trees and a few other new surprises from the house.  There will be more pictures later of the house, and I didn't take any picture of the front of the house because it got dark earlier than I thought.  I hope you like them.
On either side of our bedroom door we have two of the Snowbaby cases.  This case has the Disney snowbabies.  And some Christmas on top.
This case has the Snowbunnies.
This is the large case with the rest of the Snowbabies. I like some of the newer ones that have color added to them.  These cases us to be in the entry way of the house but now they are in a better place.  You can look at them better.
Behind this door is our master bedroom.
We have a nice new bed.  Well the bed frame is not ready yet.  We bought a sleigh bed from the Amish and it won't be ready until March or April. It will really make the room look different.  We are also getting night tables, so we won't be using tv trays forever.
We moved the old tv from the den to our room.
And we have some sweet little Christmas decorations under it.
Today my closet was finished.  Our cabinet maker built me a chest for one end.  The shelves are perfect for purses and bags.
The other end has my shoe rack.
And I have the racks for clothes.
Outside my closet is this built in.  Nice shelves and then cabinet on bottom.
This is the back wall.  My mother made my curtains and pillows.  I think they turned out really well.
The other side of the cabinets.  I really like our tree.  It is the Disney tree.  It use to be in the Pooh bathroom but we had enough ornaments to make that one just a Pooh tree and add this new tree this year.  I love the shape of it.
Joe's mother painted all these little Santas.  They are made out of the crushed walnut material.
And this little case has all my figurines inside, Cherished Teddies on carousel horses, Precious Moments, and Calico kittens.
Another picture of the tree.
Close up of some of the ornaments.
In our bathroom I added a larger tree too.  We have had a Gone With the Wind tree for several years so it was time for the tree to be upgraded.  The ornaments are so heavy the smaller tree had a hard time holding them.  This one seems to as well.  The top seems a little top heavy but we will make do.  I like the magnolias on top.
Another look.
Out in the den there are more Santas.  These shelves and the ones in the bedroom were designed with Christmas in mind.  At least that is my story.
The fireplace with the stockings hung with care.
The travel tree.  When we travel we buy ornaments from the places we visit and then add them to the tree.  I think we need a new tree next year.  The tree bless it's heart has about half the lights not working.  He is getting an overhaul next year.
Another look at it.
My gingerbread tree.  He was kinda displaced this year with the changes to the kitchen and walls.  He use to be in the bay window but there is no bay window this year.  So he is here in the back of the kitchen and right now he can't be plugged up.  There is no plug there.  Maybe we can work something out.
Another look.
Here are my Christmas flowers my husband sent me.
There's exciting stuff behind this door.
This is my pantry.  Shelves not too deep to lose things.
I love my shelves for canned goods.
And all my spices are on the door.
This is our main tree.  I think it looks bigger there this year than where we use to put it.
Another look
This is our Winnie the Pooh tree.  I did not realize how many ornaments we had until I started putting up the tree.
This is Megan's Bama tree.  I think it is full too but I bet I could find room for a National Championship ornament or two.
Another look.  I was playing with the setting on my camera here.
Here's the Pooh with that camera setting too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all our trees and decorations.  There was suppose to be a new train tree too but we couldn't find the train ornaments this year so it will be a new addition next year.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.  May you be on Santa's good list and get everything you asked for.

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