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Monday, December 8, 2014

A Sneak Peek

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and most of you have decorated for Christmas.  There is nary a tree in sight around here, yet.  I was going to wait until I had decorated for Christmas and had all my stuff back in the house to share pictures with you.  Since it might be a little longer I decided to give you a sneak peek of the kitchen.  I know that is what most of you want to see anyway.
This is the inside bar area of the kitchen.
Now to see inside.  This is my silverware drawer.
The top shelf slides back and forth.
My baking drawer.  All my baking supplies in one area underneath my work area.
I love this drawer.  It is a divider drawer for plastic containers.  I spent one afternoon washing and matching up containers and lids.
I have a pull out drawer/door for my garbage cans.
And on top is a butcher block with a hole over the cans.  I need to season it and I now have the stuff to do it so I can use this.  The cabinet builder said this was the first one he had put in.
Next to the sink is another row of drawers.
Top drawer is my knife drawer.  Nice to have one place for all of them and not run the risk of cutting yourself trying to get one out. The two drawers underneath are just drawers for paper plates and dish towels.
On the back of the kitchen I have this little cabinet.
Another little pinterest find.  These shelves allow you to layer your 9x13 pans and other dishes without stacking them.
The dreaded corner cabinet.  In my other cabinets I had two doors that opened and I had a lazy Susan but things would fall off, you know the drill.  The cabinet guy came up with drawers.  They have an unusual shape to them. But they are very useful.  The bottom two so far have become drawers for those things that right now do not have another place to go.
The drawers under the cooktop.  
 This is one of my favorite drawers.  There was never a good place for these boxes.  They want to fall off the shelf in the pantry, you stack them up and what you want is on the bottom.  This drawer is perfect.
 The two drawers underneath that one is for my pots and pans.  I haven't found my pots and pans yet so they have become catch alls right now too.
 Next to the cooktop are three more drawers.  These are for all those cooking utensils.
 It may look messy but I know where everything is.
 Under the ovens.  I had them raise the ovens a little higher than they were because I wanted this drawer underneath.
This drawer is deep enough for all the cookie sheets and things to stand up in.

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.  I can't wait to show you the rest of it soon.  Even more I can't wait to decorate for Christmas.

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