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Friday, March 25, 2016

Perfectly Cooked and Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and I know that in the next couple of days there will be lots of eggs boiled and dyed.  If you do a search of hard boiling eggs and you will find dozens of ways to cook them.  I found this way last night and decided to try it.  It's very easy and doesn't take very long.  The results are pretty good too. 
Pretty colored eggs.
 Start with a 3 qt or so pot and some eggs.
 I only cooked 6 eggs and probably could have done less.  If you are going to do lots of eggs the only thing you really need to know is that the eggs should be in one layer on the bottom of the pot.  So more eggs equals a bigger pot.
 Barely cover the eggs with water.  The site I found said that older eggs actually do better with this that very fresh eggs.
 The water is just over the eggs.  I probably put just a little too much water.
 Turn your eye to medium high heat.
 Heat until there are little bubbles coming up and the eggs might move a little bit.  About 10-12 minutes.
 When that happens cover the pot and remove from heat.  Let it sit for 18 minutes.
 Toward the end of the 18 minutes fix a bowl with ice and water to put the eggs in right away.
 Put the eggs in the ice bath and leave for a few minutes.
 While the eggs are simmering on the stove, fix you bowls for dying the eggs.  I used some plastic cups.  I put a little vinegar and food coloring in the bottom of each cup.
 I posted a video the other day about dying eggs with rice.  So I had to try it.  I got a small plastic bowl with a lid, put some rice in the bottom.
 Then added the food coloring.
 I heated some water in the microwave while I was getting everything else ready.  Add the hot water to the bowls.
 I added the egg to the rice.
 Then the egg to the water cups.
 Put the lid on and the shake.
 It didn't give me the results like the video.  Might have had too much coloring.
Take the eggs out of the water and wipe down.

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