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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sea Salt Shaving Scrub

I know you were expecting to find something good to eat on this page today, but I have something a little different for you.  In the past I have brought you some craft ideas so this isn't too far from that.  For some reason my Pinterest page has had lots of bath craft ideas for me.  Some look really good to try and I will probably be bringing you some more ideas in the future.  But on to today's recipe.

It is getting closer, I think, to springtime weather.  We get these little burst of spring-like weather every so often so full blown spring can't be far.  What comes with spring and warm temperature?  Sandals, shorts and capris.  So today we are creating something that will make your legs nice and smooth and get rid of all that dried winter skin.  I don't know about you but my legs are really dry right now.  That is the main reason I decided to try this. It is super easy and I made a nice size batch of it and it kept really well right in the bowl I mixed it in.  And even better it's not just for legs.  I used it on my arms as well. No more flaky elbows.
Make sure you find a scent you really like.  Mine is a citrus cent and it smells so fresh and clean.
 This is so easy.  Go to your kitchen and get your sea salt and then find your favorite flavor of body wash.  Now those of you that coupon there's usually a coupon in the paper for different types of body wash.  Pick up a scent you like and get started.  Where I found this recipe she used a beach scent because she was getting her legs ready for the beach.
 You will use equal parts sea salt and body wash.  I used 1/2 cup
 1/2 cup of body wash
Mix well.  Take it to the bathroom and use it on your arms and legs to get rid of all that dry skin.  I did not use all of mine and just left it on the side of the tub.  I have used it about 3 times so far and I still have a little left.

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