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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Eclipse Cake aka Christy Jordan's Moon Pie Cake

I will admit that we joined in on the eclipse craze.   We drove to Tennessee to the totality line.  It was an amazing site to see.  So when I came home and saw Christy's recipe for the Moon Pie cake I knew I needed to make it to continue the eclipse craze a little longer.  I changed things up a little bit and I will share that with you as we go along.
This was so easy to make.  I put it together in just a few minutes before dinner. 
 I found the Moon Pies on clearance at Walmart last week before the eclipse so thought we would take them on our trip and then didn't.  They are vanilla.  You can use any flavor you like or can find.
 You use 6 of the large double decker ones.  Cut them in half and then each half in half.
 Take a 9x13 pan and lay them in the bottom with the cut side up.  This is the cake part of the cake.
 Prepare a large box of pudding.  Christy used a cook and serve pudding mix.  I got instant.  If you use the cook and serve you have to let it cool completely which will be a couple of hours instead a few minutes to let it set.  This is vanilla pudding.  You could use banana cream if you like.  Prepare it per the directions which was 3 cups of milk.
 Pour over the moon pies.  Put in the fridge to set.
 The pudding is set so ready to finish the cake.
 Take prepared caramel sauce and drizzle over the top.
 The caramel looks really good.
 Now slice some bananas on top.  I cut two bananas.  This will depend on the size of your bananas and how well you like bananas.
 Then I had an idea.  We brought this chocolate sauce back from Hershey.  This can be the dark side of the eclipse.
 So I drizzled some more caramel sauce and some chocolate on top.
 Then cover the top well with cool whip.  Christy said use a 16 ounce tub.  I thought I could get by with an 8 oz tub.  The 8 oz covered it but not a thick layer.  I don't think 16 oz is right but maybe 10 oz would be perfect.
 Then drizzled a little more caramel and chocolate on top.
 Chop up another moon pie for the top.  Cover and put back in the fridge until you are ready for it.
 I dipped it up and didn't cut it in squares like a real cake.
Then enjoy  I think you will like this eclipse cake.  You can be ready for the 2024 eclipse.

Eclipse Cake Recipe

caramel sauce
chocolate sauce  if you like
6-7 double decker moon pies
8-16 oz cool whip
1 large box pudding mix

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