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Monday, February 6, 2017

Cruising with the Grobmyers

We have just returned from our second Disney cruise.  We are wondering why we have not discovered cruising before now.  We had a great time touring the Eastern Caribbean. We had perfect weather, great food, lovely scenery, and met some wonderful people.  And there were a few Disney characters thrown in too.  This was the second year of the Star Wars Day at Sea cruises. There were lots of Star Wars activities for us to participate in too.  There was even a special menu that night.  But now on to the food.
This is a picture of our wonderful, attentive servers and our tablemates for the week. We had such a nice time getting to know all these fascinating people.  We look forward to our paths crossing again some day.
 This was a really good salad from the first night.  The pecans had a sugar glaze on them.  Very nice.
 Potato soup
 A beef dish
 Some kind of fish.
 A nice little sampler plater of desserts
 A chocolate tort cake.
 For lunch every day they had a chilled soup.  I enjoyed trying the different ones.  This was the chilled mango soup.
 Seafood sampler plate.
 This was a raspberry salad with raspberry dressing.  It was very good and I am going to try and make this at home.  the raspberries were so sweet and huge.
 Prime rib
 Another dessert sampler.
 A chocolate dessert
 Even the plates have hidden Mickeys
 Chilled strawberry soup.  It was very good also.
 Sausage lentil soup
 Classic reuben
 The napkins were always presented in an interesting way at dinner.
 Beef tenderloin
 Creme brûlée
 Apple strudel
 Napkin boots

 Macaroni cheese soup
 Banana bread pudding
 Chilled creamed pineapple soup
 Chicken salad wrap
 Mango mousse cake
 Coconut cream tart
 Chicken fettuccine- The peppers and onions were so sweet.
 Lobster tails.  They tell us they are the largest lobster tails in the cruise industry.
 Chocolate lava cake
 I had this for lunch one day but I don't remember what kind of beef it was.
 Cherry crepes
 Pistachio mousse
 Beef empanadas
 Cheese soufflé
 One of the spinach salads
 Their version of fried chicken and biscuits.
 A nice steak.
 An ice cream sundae with caramel corn on top. Han Solo in carbonate in chocolate.
 Red velvet cake
 White cheese broccoli soup.  Very nice.
And their version of strawberry shortcake.

As you can see we ate very well on this cruise.  The presentation was always interesting and pretty.  Now we are back home to reality where I have to cook and clean up my mess.  I could get use to someone else doing the cooking and cleaning. 

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